The Long Overdue Finale

It has been a while… On my last post we were cycling toward Béziers against the Tramontane and then I got lazy to write for about a year. Typical!

Just another day on the road

We did make it to Béziers and all the way to Avignon on bike. Since we are running out of time and the fact that my ride was still fueled by cocktail of painkiller, we decided to shorten the journey home by train. Buuuuuut, unfortunately for us, the French train people were on strike. We stayed about 3 days in Avignon hoping that the train will run soon but the soon never came. We finally found another mode of transport out of there. Yeay to the FlixBus!

F(l)ixed and ready to go

We Flixed to Strasbourg and from there we cycled home along the Rhine. The route along the Rhine was not bad. I miss the mountain and the climbing though. I’d never thought I would. I LOVE THE CLIMBS! But there were plenty of kaffee und kuchen along the road to fill the void.

The void filling session
A day at the beach in Vias

We made it to Arnhem on the 8th of July (it was my birthday. Yeay!). J’s parent’s were waiting for us at the camping and we went for nice birthday meal in the city.

Flat surfing along the Rhine

The next day we cycled all the way home in one stretch. As much as I enjoyed our trip I was so glad to be sleeping on my own bed again that evening and to have a long hot shower!

To summarise the journey:

3700 km total cycled;
25,291 m of ascend;
23,625 m of descend;
1 train ride;
3 bus rides;
0 flat tire;
1 flat air mattress;
1 broken cooking pot;
unmentionable litters of wine;
1 bruised tail bone; and
a life time of experience!

We are now ready for our next (tiny) adventure.

2 thoughts on “The Long Overdue Finale

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  1. 👍 Mooi! Veel plezier met de voorbereiding van de volgende fietsvakantie en natuurlijk een goede reis!
    Groet Yvon


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