The Last Day

The morning started with a slight panic and stress. Just slightly. Wasn’t even sure why I was panicking and stressing. Probably because the whole thing is getting REAL! We are really doing this!

But slowly and steadily I get calmer and we finished our packing. I must say we did rather well on weight wise. Weight/stuff distribution are:

  • J’s handlebar bag = 2.7 kgs
  • J’s front pannier bags = 7.3 kgs
  • J’s back pannier bags = 12.3
  • J’s rack-pack = 7.3 kgs
  • A’s handlebar bag = 2.7 kgs
  • A’s front pannier bags = 4.4 kgs
  • A’s back pannier bags = 9.9 kgs

Yes I have lighter bags because my clothes are waaay smaller and lighter…

We had a lovely going-away drinks at Molen de Ster and dinner after at Tai Soen. The weather was on our side. Sun was shining, birds were singing and all that. Thank you everyone for coming! We’ll see you again in the summer.

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