The Pursuit of Hygge(ness)

As the winter is knocking on the door, I officially declare that the bike riding season is over (for me anyway). On that note I think it is time to write (reminisce) about our (mini)adventure. In June we took on the Bikeway Berlin - Copenhagen. The plan was a 3 weeks ride of about 700... Continue Reading →

The Long Overdue Finale

It has been a while... On my last post we were cycling toward Béziers against the Tramontane and then I got lazy to write for about a year. Typical! We did make it to Béziers and all the way to Avignon on bike. Since we are running out of time and the fact that my... Continue Reading →

The Change of Plan

We are back in France. We get as far as Logroño in Spain and decided to change direction toward home, taking the Benjamin's route to Eindhoven. Due to my condition, we have abandoned the plan to cycle the El-Cid. Spain is tough to cycle, especially when you nursing an injury. It was hot and it... Continue Reading →

The Foot of A Mountain

Here we are, literally at the foothill of a mountain. It rains cats and dogs at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. It’s gray, wet and the sound of thunders every now and then. We are forced to take few days off cycling. Yesterday’s ride from Saint Palais for me was fueled by painkiller cocktails with a hint of screaming... Continue Reading →

The Day We Hit 1000 km

We hit our first 1000 km on this trip yesterday while cycling along a very busy D952 road. It has been quite an experience so far. We had all kind of weather and met all kind of people. On the 28th of April we left Seraucourt-le-Grand to Noyon. It was not a bad ride at... Continue Reading →

The First Rest in 12 Days

We have so far done about 540 km so we decided to give our legs a well deserved rest. We are spending our day doing nothing (and laundry) at Camping du Vivier aux Carpes in Seraucourt-le-Grand. A nice and quiet campsite with the BEST shower EVER! The owner is a very friendly French lady. Monday... Continue Reading →

The First Day of Week 2

Sunday 22nd of April We left Gavers for Tournai. The campsite at Gavers was very noisy with people hanging around near the toilet area and talking loudly. The journey started very easy. We continue to cycle on the towpath along the canal. We stopped for coffee at Deux-Acren in Wallonia, French-speaking region of Belgium. We... Continue Reading →

The First 324km

We are now a week on our journey. We had so far cycled 324 km. We are taking it (very) slow as we haven’t trained at all. We have decided that the first two weeks is going to be training week(s). Sunday 15th of April We left home to Leerdam in the morning. J’s parents... Continue Reading →

The Last Day

The morning started with a slight panic and stress. Just slightly. Wasn't even sure why I was panicking and stressing. Probably because the whole thing is getting REAL! We are really doing this! But slowly and steadily I get calmer and we finished our packing. I must say we did rather well on weight wise.... Continue Reading →

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